Fifty 50

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Fifty 50

Written & Directed by : Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi
Aired On : BanglaVision
Cast:Mosharraf Karim, Shohel Khan, Mishu, Shokh,Zillur Rahman,Sharaf Ahmed Jibon,Momo,Mukul,Shiraz,Shujana,Shohidduzaman Selim,Dr. Ezaz, Hasan and More

Episode [1 – 10]



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Writer : Mostofa Kamal Raaj
Director : Mostofa Kamal Raaj
Cast : Hasan Masud, Tisha ,Zahid Hasan, Siddique,Shohel Khan,M.M Morshed, Ishita, Sheoti & Others

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Friends n Family

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Written & Directed by: Redwan Roni

Cast: Abul Hayat, Mosharraf Karim, Ahmed Rubel, Shumaiya Shimu, Partho Borua, Opi Karim, Tania Ahmed, Shokh, Pidim, Faruk Ahmed, Momo Morshed, Shaju, Nupur, Nafa and more.

Synapsis: There are four daughters of Mr.Patwary. He was travelling to Sylhet from Dhaka with his daughters. On the way a group of young friends has been introduced with them, as well as some more strange people. During the travel the intimacy builds up among them and it stays even they come back to Dhaka. This way the story of FNF builds up.

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Directed by: Mohammad Mostafa Kamal Raj

Cast: Rohmot Ali, Wahida Mollik Joli, Hasan Masud, Badhon, Nafiza Jahan, Chanchal Choudhury, Lutfur Rahman George, Noyon, Asad, Rony and others

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